Daily Mail’s Ferry £1 Offer Used By Activists To Help Calais Migrants

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Current Affairs

Activists have been using the Daily Mail £1 ferry offer in a fantastic way. Instead of selfishly using it to pop over the channel to stock up on booze or take in the sights on a cheap day out, they have been ferrying themselves over to help feed the many homeless migrants that are being held in the Calais camps.

The initiative was begun by the editorial team at the anarchist magazine Strike! in a Facebook post entitled “How to help your fellow human beings at the Calais migrant camps… at the Daily Mail’s expense! This is probably the best thing you could do this weekend/ever”.

Activists have been loading up trolleys with warm clothing, food, and other such necessary items to donate to the Calais Migrant Solidarity campaign.

This is Anarchy in action, Helping fellow human beings in a time of desperate need. Taking advantage of a newspapers offer which would normally see hundreds thinking only of themselves, to assist less fortunate individuals.

David Charles, one of the campaigning journalists involved with the stunt, wrote an open letter to the newspaper on his blog, entitled “A thousand thanks for your tireless support for the much-abused Calais migrants! (Or, as they’re also known, “Fellow Human Beings”.)”

“Some freeloading scroungers might have cynically used your festive promotional offer with P&O Ferries to go over and stock up on cheap continental booze and fags,” he wrote. “But we know you meant to launch a D-Day-style flotilla of solidarity with Fellow Human Beings who have fled the blood and torture and killing and more blood and bombs (paid for by the British taxpayer!) in the hope of joining us in El Dorado where you can’t even have a fag indoors any more.

“Your courageous humanitarian stance should be saluted – but instead you’re constantly pilloried by the loony left as ‘anti-immigration’, ‘anti-welfare’ and ‘anti-freeze’. Everyone should clearly understand your newspaper is cover-to-cover political satire!”


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